Alrighty, guys. This is gonna be my first "review" and as the quotes suggest, I use that term loosely. So, I'm gonna start off this whole thing with my silly review of Dishonored. I am in no way a professional reviewer and do not wish to be deemed as such, as I do this purely because I want to, not for the sake of others to rely on my opinions.

So, to start off, I really like this game. Not only because I can run it very well on my toaster, but because I think it's fun as hell. There's just something about the whole sneaky thing that just makes me love it so much. Oddly enough, in games where stealth is optional, I tend to never take that path, preferring the more direct route- Of smashing faces.


So, I guess I could point out a few pros and cons.

Pros: It's a stealth-based game that isn't Metal Gear.

The combat, to me, is very fun. It definitely gives you the feel that you can fight guys with a sword, but not too many. It has that bit of realism where you can take one or two guys at once, but many more and, well, you're more than likely gonna die unless you can Blink away.

The way your actions affect the ending is interesting and makes for more challenging gameplay if you actually want to feel rewarded for not killing a single enemy all game.

The fact that if you sever a limb from an opponent, you can toss that sucker at other enemies. Serves absolutely no purpose, but I just love throwing arms and heads at their comrades. I am a sick, sick man.


Cons: The way your actions affect the ending is complete crap and makes for aggravating gameplay if you want to just murder everything and not be affected negatively. I mean, c'mon. That's profiling. Just because I stab people in the neck and bathe in their life-juices doesn't mean I'm a bad person.

I have not completed Dishonored yet, and am still fairly in, but I am enjoying the game very much overall as of now.


I give this game a 10/10 Cucumbers if you enjoy realistic ragdoll physics, throwing bottles into the faces of friendly NPCs and having them ask if that was you who just did that, flailing the severed limbs of law enforcement in the face of other law enforcement and possessing a rat.